Apartments for Rent

We provide Apartments & Coach Homes for rent, for adults and families in Leduc, Alberta (15 minutes south of Edmonton, Alberta), who are either:

  1. Relocating
  2. Needing A Change
  3. Up-Sizing/Upgrading or Down-Sizing
  4. Looking For Value
  5. Buying/Building a Home

And are looking for: Quality, Convenient, and Secure Apartments & Coach Homes for rent.

Most people, who rent Apartments & Coach Homes, are not even aware that they should be educated on VALUE, to tell the difference between; UPGRADED versus RENOVATED, and that many Rental buildings COMPROMISE on QUALITY and SECURITY to offer the lowest price. People should be made aware that QUALITY of SERVICE provided by building managers and landlords is also very important (especially 24-7 on call service). We carefully screen everyone applying to our rental properties and the difference is a quieter and cleaner home where you live.

We always offer CLEAN and extensively RENOVATED (providing detail improvements lists) on our rental properties, RESPONSIVE on-site management (with guaranteed response times). We even offer a 1-month Move-in Guarantee.

To Help Adults & families relocating to Leduc make the best decision possible, we offer a FREE Report “How To Find The Right Apartment / Coach Home” on request, which contains information on renting YOUR rental home and what to look for in managers and landlords.

Thank you

The Team at GeoBe Enterprises Ltd.